WHMO Background

Human Rights Watch and Media Organization, which was previously known as Women Human Rights and Media Organization (WHMO), opened its doors in 2010 as an equal opportunity civil society and non-profit organization. Being an independent civil society and media organization, WHMO since its inception has been committed to promoting human rights, response to humanitarian actions, upholding mass media in Afghanistan.

The vision of organization is to create a society where all people are valued and enjoy access to education, healthcare, drinking water, food security and their living conditions are improved through sustainable livelihoods, social and economic inclusion

Organization has extensive experience in project management, capacity building trainings, public awareness campaigns, advocacy, Gender Based Violence (GBV) and Domestic Violence (DV). These skills have been acquired through the implementation of multiple projects in a range of sectors including human rights and women’s rights advocacy, Women, Peace and Security Agenda (WPS) capacity building of civil society and women’s organizations, child protection and education, vocational training, livelihood, water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), media communication, leadership and women’s empowerment and community development.

Organization’s work has three major components: (1) Awareness Raising, (2) Humanitarian Action, (3) Capacity Building. We sensitize and capacitate the public, policy influencers, civil society institutions, and communities to response, raise awareness, willingness and support audiences’ actions to influence policymakers regarding socio-political, economic, gender equality, and democratic structures.

The mission of organization is to have a just and pluralistic society through sustainable development and humanitarian programs, where human rights and women’s rights are recognized, protected and respected.

As part of its mission organization endeavors to provide leadership, breakthrough knowledge, skills and humanistic attitudes, as well as innovative resources to advance the development of youth, families, and communities and support the realization of their full potential in personal and social life.

The organization’s mandate is focus on sustainable development, gender equality, full, equal, and meaningful participation of women, including for child protection and civic peacebuilding.

An essential part of its mandate, organization core values are based on social justice, commitment, openness, accountability, integrity, transparency and respect to all segments of society without prejudice to gender, caste, religion, language and ethnic considerations.

Organization has well-equipped and well-resourced with modern studio where all activities are covered with/by professional, experienced staffs like journalists. Organization has more than 34 independent FM radio stations which have been working as its broadcasting radio partners and a partnership with Nye Express of CD Distribution Company and has 50 volunteer local media monitor members, 8 public thought research team in 8 zones and 4 central monitoring team members. In the same time, organization has an electronic monitoring system, controlling the broadcasting of local radio stations through telephone. It is normally stated and believed that organization has the capability to successfully implement the projects throughout the country and can provide all the facilities to implement the development, capacity and public outreach projects easily, effectively and efficiently.

Radio Drama Actors/Actresses:

WHMO has professional radio drama actors/actresses with strong technical media capacity to produce and record high quality radio dramas with key topics and messages in local language (Pashtu and Dari) and international language (English). Our main aim is to gather the largest and most desirable audience with our broadcast and digital platforms to enable our partners and clients to effectively promote their work and underlining mission through our products.

Radio Drama Script Writer Expert:

WHMO has robust experience in developing and producing high quality dramatic texts by Islamic experts in accordance with Islamic and humanitarian values and cultural norms. Radio drama texts are prepared for broadcasting by radio scriptwriter, Mr. Ezatullah Akbari, and Noor Muhammad Salik. Our main objective in mass media is to spread diverse nature of messages like for promoting peace and security, combating against gender based violence, gender equality, cultural norms and values through a new concept.

Street/Community Theater Groups:

WHMO possesses professional theater groups including both male and female actors who are able to perform in both local languages. Before delivering of theater, our media team identifies key messages and themes to develop a theater script, when the script is ready it is rehearsed by actors to be performed in a professional and effective way then.

Arts and Drawing Professional Team:

WHMO owns a professional and well-equipped team having hands-on experience and expertise in Arts and Drawing. To show its interest and to appreciate different paintings and artworks, WHMO has participated in different events of arts and drawings in Afghanistan so far. Our slogan is to predict your emotions with colors. Our team believes that “where the spirit is not to work with the hand there is no art”.

Electronic and Print Media Team:

WHMO has rich experience of working with electronic and print media. We have technically and professionally experts and team members across the country who have been engaged working with all kinds of media like Radio, Television and Print media. As WHMO has partnership with different kinds of media, it can effectively and successfully execute any nature of assignment across the country in desired manner.

Media advocacy and Training Team:

WHMO understands the strategic use of mass media to advance public policy initiatives for influencing policies in any sector. WHMO shifts the focus from the personal to the social, from the individual to the political, from the behavior or practice to the policy or environment. WHMO’s media advocacy and training team has the capability to accomplish any assignment successfully achieving the set goals and objectives.

Reporting and News Journalists:

WHMO has a professional and well-trained reporting and news journalists team that collect/gather information in form of text, audio, video or pictures and then process them to a news-worth form and disseminate it to the public for building their knowledge, understanding and knowhow.

Organization capability and Track Record :

WHMO has extensive experience in project management, women’s organizations capacity building, public awareness campaigns and combating Gender Based Violence (GBV) and Domestic Violence (DV), Peacebuilding. These skills have been acquired through the implementation of multiple projects in a range of sectors including Human Rights and women’s rights advocacy, capacity building of civil society and women’s organizations, education, vocational training, media communication, leadership and women’s empowerment.

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