Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2020 – 2024

WHMO's Vision:

WHMO vision is a society where Afghans live together in peace and stability, their living condition improved through sustainable livelihood, social and economic inclusion and their human rights and dignity are respected.

WHMO's Mission:

WHMO mission is to protect and promote human rights, as well as strengthen individual and community capacity to make informed decisions through creating an environment in which women and men can learn and improve their social inclusion and their rights to using equal and equitable resources.

Main Objectives:

1. To enhance the public dialogue to protect and promote human rights and prevent gender inequality and discrimination against women and girls.

2. Peace-building and women's role in peace-building and participation.

3. Strengthen the economic sustainability of individuals, families, and communities.

4. To change policy and public opinion regarding a specific situation through advocacy, investigative and monitoring reports, and media campaigns.

5. To strengthen strategically partnerships and put pressure on the governmental institutions to be responsive and accountable against its actions to the citizens.

Organization Core Values:

An essential part of its mandate, WHMO core values are the integrity, honesty, and trustworthiness of WHMO will be exemplified in all the activities:

1. WHMO will promote transparent communication, teamwork, and accountability in their endeavour to achieve its Vision and Mission objectives.

2. WHMO will respect the individuality, diversity and professional responsibility of partnering entities and all stakeholders in serving the intended community.

3. All WHMO activities will be performed in compliance with ethical practices, legal provisions, safety standards with utmost competence and consistency.

4. WHMO will inspire and empower their Staff and Volunteers to perform all activities efficiently and competently with adequate training and learning aids continuously.