• Quality Education
    Sustainable Development Goal 4
  • Journalism the fourth estate
    Media Management, Capacity and Training Programs
  • International events
    In Brussels and The Netherlands
  • Media & Communication National Conference
    For Female Parliamentarians
  • National Conference on WPS Agenda
    Opportunities and Challenges for women’s political participation and leadership
  • Protection & Promotion of Human Rights
    Interview with Chairwomen of Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission

Latest News

We are different because we reach out to the most marginalized community where it is really needed and felt.

We are a specialized Media Organization

With Expert Journalists and radio drama actors & Modern Studio

We produced and conducted more than 1000 of radio panel discussions, radio dramas, interviews and messages on different forms of family violence, political participation, inclusive peace, corruption, and security.

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Awareness Raising

Inclusion media outlets, community and civil society in activities to influence policy and engage in successful public service and advocacy.

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humanitarain Action

Ensure public safety, save lives, alleviate suffering and maintain human dignity during and in the aftermath of human-made cries and disasters.

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Capacity Building

Develop the institutional capacity of civil society organizations, Women’s Organizations (WOs), media outlets, and community to be more effective.

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