Victim Stories

  • 28
  • Feb

Gita victims of domestic violence

My husband who was a drug dealer badly oppressed and tortured me. He neither paid our food expenses nor provided me and my children with required clothes. His second wife would beat me and drag me out of home. When I could no more bear their torture I came to my father house crying, telling him that I am not ready to go back there and would ask for divorce and would not get married again. I asked my father to support and protect me and he promised to do so. This is my 13th day that I got my divorce. My father and mother did not ask me for my consent while I was getting married as I was only12-year-old at that time. I didn’t know anything at that time, my father preferred money to my fate. My husband second wife hated me, she took my one-year daughter and she ousted me from house. I experienced every sort of problem at her hands and even from father and mother and also from my husband. Now my children are with my husband and his second wife, she oppressed them badly when I was there. Now she would definitely oppress them very much during my absence. When I was not present, his second wife told my husband that these are your children and it is your right to look after your children. She would tell me that you are a servant and this would make me angry and would not even give me food, cloth and money for my daily needs. Now I am deprived me of my own children missing them very much. So fathers should not marry their daughters when they are under age or just for the sake of money it destroys the life of their sweet and innocent daughters. Daughters should not be married as a second wife or to the one who’s having a loose character in society.

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  • March

Mursal victims of domestic violence

We are three sisters, our mother died ten years ago, so five months later after her death our father re-married a woman in Kabul. We were happy that she, our second mother/step mother would soon meet our mother deficiency by assuming her responsibility and she would give us the love and affection we were deprived of. But we were shocked to see her harsh behavior even on the second day of her marriage. She started treating us badly shouting at us, insulting us, turning deaf to us during talking. She even started humiliating us in front of our kith and kin. She would often keep us under lock and key. The thing that really disturbed us was indecent, offensive and abusive words/language that she would use for us in spite of the fact we were/are unmarried. She would curse us all the time and would make us work even in chilly cold weather. Our father was also disturbed by the way she treated us. He remarried for our sake and wanted to see us happy, but all this really discouraged him. He advised her many times, but it would go unnoticed. For ten years, we experienced torture, when we grew up, we raised our voice to get rid of this violence and hell-like life. One day, my stepmother very severely beat me and after that, I made up my mind to escape from this place to seek refuge in the Safe Haven Centre through the support a classmate. I am still thankful to her for her assistance fleeing from torture. One day my father came to the shelter, and instead of solacing he burst out at me saying why I fled from home. He did not try to console me rather increased my discomfort and agony. His harsh words still echoing in my ears telling “why I didn’t die at the birth time, why he helped me grow up, while leaving said ‘stay in the shelter forever until I marry or die. I was five years old when my mother passed away, and till now, we did not see any pleasant day in life, and my siblings have been displaced and living with a distressing situation with my cousin. We had had a very happy life before passing away of my mother. I have a message for all parents, kindly do not destroy your children lives and try to be kind and support to them as parents are the only heroes in their childhood life. I want all families to stop violence against girls and give them equal rights as boys. Life without family is hard but I had come here to live a peaceful life in peaceful environment without oppression, torture and violence. In the end, I would like to thank “Human rights Watch and Media Organization” for raising victims’ concern and voice who suffered physical, psychological and mental violence, they need our consolation and humanitarian support. At the end once again Mursal requests parents, to please stop family violence against women and girls so that their precious life may not go wasted”.