Victim Stories

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  • Feb

Mursal is one of the victims of domestic violence

We are three sisters, my mother died ten years ago, so after five months of her death, my father re-married a woman in Kabul. Our stepmother has always badly violated us every day, she shouted, insulting, refusing to talk, as well as humiliating us in front of our kin. She often kept us behind the closed door. Despite that we are unmarried, she told us bad things, and cursed and made us do work in the cold weather. Our father remarried because he wanted to see us happy, but we had never witnessed a pleasing day. For ten year, we experienced an extremely tortured, when we grew, we have raised our voice to get rid of the violence. One day, my stepmother had seriously beaten me and after that, I decided to escape to Safe Haven Centre by supporting and helping my classmate, I thank her, for assisting me fled from torture.

One day my father came to shelter, and he also verbally violated me and told me to stay in the shelter forever until I marry and die. I was five years old when my mother passed away, and till now, we did not see a pleasant day, and my siblings have been displaced and living with a distressing situation with my cousin. We had a happy life before passing away my mother.

I have a message to all parents that do not destroy youth children life, and they are only hopeful for them, and no one wants to come to the shelter for fun. I want families to stop violence against girls. and live in a peaceful environment without oppression. In the end, I would like to thank from “Human rights Watch and Media Organization” for raising the voice of victims, who have subjected to physical, psychological and mental violence daily, those girls who need your grace, kindness and humanitarian sense. At the end once again Mursal Requests the parents, please stop abuse and family violence against women and girls”.