Women, Peace & Security (WPS)

  • 29
  • Sep

Bayan International Bayan Events in Brussels and The Netherlands 2016

Bayan is a two-year program in which eight local Afghan civil society organizations are working on the agenda of Women, Peace and Security as well as women’s political participation in general.

  • Debate on “Women, Peace and Security in Afghanistan: Success or Stalled Agenda?”
  • Dialogue with the European Parliament Delegation for Relations with Afghanistan
  • Dialogue with the Dutch Afghanistan Platform (The Hague)
  • Dialogue with Dutch Member of Parliament
  • Informal dialogue with the Dutch National Police (Apeldoorn)
    • 13
    • Dec

    Upcoming Elections in Afghanistan “Women’s Electoral Inclusion: Challenges and Opportunities” 2016

    Organized an event aims to promote inclusive governance and the political participation of women in Afghanistan which was attended by esteemed members of the international community, representatives of the Dutch Afghan Bayan Consortium, major Afghan civil society organizations, Afghan governmental representatives, and representatives of the Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan.

    • 15
    • Sep

    Consultative meeting on women's political participation, opportunities, challenges and electoral reform in 2016 and beyond. 2016

    The consultation brought together 25 representatives from women-led non-governmental organizations, international organizations, the Afghan National Election Reform Commission, human rights organizations and other experts.

    • 16
    • Dec

    Opportunities and Challenges for women’s political participation and leadership” 2015

    WHMO, together with Gender Concerns International organized a multi-stakeholder expert discussion to highlight the progress and scope of women’s political participation in Afghanistan. The event further provided an occasion to acknowledge the efforts and contribution made by women and civil society organizations to influence policy-making process in Afghanistan. The conference was held with representatives from civil society, women's networks, the Election Reform Commission, the Ministry of Women's Affairs and other international community representatives, and other Bayan partners.

    • 28
    • Feb

    National Advocacy and Lobbing Conference on Importance Female Police in Security Force:

    Conducting a national conference on female police role in security forces and addressed the stigma and lack of awareness about the roles and functions of female police in Afghan society. Brought out the issues of sexual harassment at the event in its direct lobby and advocacy with Ministry of Interior that resulted in the Anti–Harassment Code of Conduct that will be developed by Gender & Human Rights Directorate of MoI as instructed by the Gender Integration Strategy.

    • 18
    • Sep-2013

    Conference on the Role of Social Media in Women, peace and Security

    Oxfam, Cordiad, International Gender Concern and local partner including WHMO organized a public gathering social media role in women rights, Peace process, and conflict resolution. WHMO trained Afghan youth on advocacy, and awareness. The conference was attended by a representative of Ministry of Women Affairs, Cultural and information, Civil Society, women and youth groups in Kabul.

    • 04
    • Sep

    Kabul Youth Leadership Training Workshop 2013

    WHMO trained 15 Afghan youth as change makers and the participants were selected from Journalist Unions and Kabul University. The workshop addressed the issues of peacebuilding, conflict resolution and women rights in the society.

    • 27
    • Nov

    Nangarhar Youth Leadership Training Gethering 2013

    The workshop was attended by 33 Afghan youth and the participants were selected from Journalist Unions and Kabul University. The workshop addressed the issues of peacebuilding, conflict resolution, and peace process in the society. The youth equiped with knowledge and tools that could enable them to take their primary steps for engagement in promoting social challengs and accountability at the local level.